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Vegucated’s Best of the Blogs

The Internet…

It lures us with its siren song when we should be doing other things: During our midday work slump, when the laundry needs foldin’, or while having dinner with friends (put your phone down, peeps!). But, sometimes it can be an incredibly helpful (and free!) resource when searching for support and guidance for our best plant-powered, compassionate lives. Because we heart the internet and spend a lot of time on it, we’ve compiled some of our favorite (and there are many, so this isn’t exhaustive and we don’t mean to leave out anyone – we love you all!) blogs to get you eating, dressing, parenting, beautifying, and getting active the vegan way.

Let’s Dish: Food Blogs We Eat Up

Compassionate Kiddos: Our Fav Veg Parenting Helpers

Beauty Without the Cruelty: Style & Beauty Sites We Are Crushing On

Get Active: Fitness and Advocacy Outlets We Dig

Did we miss your favorite blog? We’d love to hear your favorites!
Join the conversation in the Vegucated Schoolhouse today and tell us all about ’em!

  • Ben Gould

    UM – Where’s Meet The Shannons?! They’re WAY better than a lot of the blogs you listed. Big miss guys.

  • Ashlee Piper

    Hey, Ben. Thanks for the catch! We’ve added our buddies whom we love a lot at Meet the Shannons. Again, as stated in the first paragraph, this isn’t an exhaustive list, so your patience (and kindness) towards us and the other sites mentioned is appreciated.

  • Kirsten Hamann

    Maybe Meet The Shannons could come on the list and Carrie On Vegan could go off it.

  • Ashlee Piper

    Hi Kirsten. We just learned of the change in that site’s situation (which happened on Friday, after this was posted). Meet the Shannons is also on the listing. Thanks!

  • Kirsten Hamann

    Yay!! Thank you! I see hours & hours of fun in my future perusing this amazing list. 🙂

  • Abby @ The Frosted Vegan

    Hooray! Thanks for including me pretty lady! xoxoxo

  • Mama in the Kitchen

    Please consider for Vegan Homeschoolers.

  • Vegan Richa

    Awesome List Ashlee! <3 <3

  • vegan miam