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Happy 2013 from Vegucated + A Sweet Deal on DVD/Screening Packages

Firstly, a big thank you to you – yes, YOU!  With your support, Vegucated has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to explore a more compassionate way of life.  In 2012, we had many firsts, some thousandths, and lots of fun along the way.

Vegucated’s 2012 Year In Review

Vegucated's 2012 Year In Review
Let’s Keep It Going! How cool would it be to start 2013 by hitting the 20k “likes” mark on Facebook!?!  We love hearing from you on our page. Come join the conversation!

Recruit a Friend…or Two…or Ten to Take the Challenge with You (and Get a Sweet DVD/House Party Screening Discount)

Host a Screening of Vegucated!
Vegucator Melanie Suess’ friends had a lot to talk about after her home screening in Collinsville, Illinois, where some were inspired to go vegan. 

If you’ve seen our film, you know that having another person in your area to take the vegan challenge with you makes going vegan easier and more fun. Do you have a veg-curious friend or co-worker? Buy them a copy of the DVD at 13% off in celebration of 2013 and inspire them to join you. Use discount code allhailkale at checkout in our e-store until midnight EST on Jan. 7th.

Do you have a whole group of friends or coworkers who you think might be into the movie? Host a screening in your living room. Use discount code squashit before midnight EST on Jan. 7th to get 13% off of the community screening kit for up to 24 viewers. For just $30.45 plus shipping you get two copies of the DVD, some snack recipes, discussion guide, custom designed digital fliers, and a Facebook invite. Cook up something yummy to nosh on while watching the film in your living room or conference room at the office. Or turn it into a vegan potluck to launch your 30-day Vegucated Challenge. My guess is you’ll have a few people inspired to join you on the Challenge once they’ve seen the film and tasted some vegan goodness.

You can even create your own local Challenge group in our community so you can all stay in touch with your friends and receive each others emails to check in on how you’re all doing.Whether it’s in our community, on our Facebook page, or on Twitter, we love chatting with people who have made changes in their lives.

Here’s to many more lives changed and saved in 2013!

  • Ray Kilgore

    nice film … it really reinforced my commitment to Veganism!

  • Christina Marco

    I became a vegan after watching this film yesterday. I cannot even think about eating an animal product after seeing the horrific abuse they endure.

  • emily

    Just finished watching your movie…amazing, life changing! I’m now on the search for vegan recipes!

  • Jessica Taylor

    I’ve been living mostly vegan for about a year with fish being the only exception. After seeing the film tonight, I’m ready to let go of that too and it feels very good.

  • Rob Burks, Denver Colorado

    This movie was one of the most educational and inspiring works that I have had the privilege of seeing. Keep up the good work, and continue to spread this healthy message.

  • Dana Sims

    The most gracious thing that has happened is my husband and I are vegetarians together. I’ve been a vegetarian on and off and was picky , but now I’m taking an extra step on trying more vegan things and different fruits and veggies ! I’ve even had coconut water (fruit punch) and coconut creamer (french vanilla) and it’s totally delicous -yum 🙂 !

  • Patty Kennedy

    This film was amazing and has really moved me to make some lifestyle changes for my life as well as my own mentall wellness, thank you!

  • Grower

    My partner and I just watched the film on Netflix and really enjoyed it. We’ve been evolving toward more conscious food choices over a period of nearly thirty years together and I feel fortunate that we’re pretty much on the same page. While its unlikely
    (today) we’ll be switching to a vegan or even fully vegetarian diet, we’ve got a lot to think about now and weigh when we make our food choices. But what we’d really like to know is how the subjects of the film are faring. You portrayed their challenges in a truly relatable way and we’re hoping they’re well and happy.