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On “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell”

Vegucated was featured on “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” on Jan. 13th. Writer-director Marisa Miller Wolfson chatted with Ms. Velez-Mitchell, a veteran vegan of 15 years and the most energetic news show host on the air.

Watch the clip!

Thanks to Jane Velez-Mitchell and Headline News for helping to get America vegucated!


  • Fdgaf

    what is HLN?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a sister channel to CNN!

  • Reffinaj

    Thanks Jane

  • Carol Carson

    I was completely engaged throughout this film, and so appreciated (and needed) the laughter in it. I averted my eyes as much as possible for the parts that were upsetting. They had to be there, but I already knew much of the information, and had been trying for some time now not to think about the truth behind humankind’s use of animals. I left the movie with a sort of sinking feeling in my heart. There is no hiding any more. I’ve been vegetarian for about 45 years (I’m 65), have almost totally cut out cheese and eggs, but love my organic yogurt with berries for breakfast, and I am totally hooked on drinking lattes (mostly organic milk). This morning, I could not make my latte, and I cooked buckwheat to go with my berries (delicious!). I went to the store and bought almond milk and am drinking my latte, but no, it is not delicious. My other quandary is my beloved dog’s diet. That’s where I stand now. Thank you for making a brilliantly powerful film.