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The Year in Vegan (2013): Say Cheese!

As the year began, it presented a couple of vegan trends to us right away. The first we noticed was 2013 aimed to be THE Year of Vegan Cheeses!

Tasty, easily available, compassionately created cheeses have long been key to swaying more omnivores, and vegetarians, to eat more plant-based. Such cheese are now popping up ALL OVER the place! Thanks to the great work of especially Miyoko Schinner’s Artisan Vegan Cheese and Skye Michael Conroy’s Non-Dairy Formulary, harder, finer, fancier cheeses can be achieved in home kitchens. Then shared at Meetup potlucks, family meals, office parties, holiday events, etc.

They can also be purchased from boutique businesses like Minneapolis’ Punk Rawk Labs, Brooklyn’s Dr. Cow, Portland’s Heidi Ho Organics, Tennessee’s Door 86, Omaha’s Brie It On, the relocating Elephants in the Kitchen, upstate NY’s Treeline Cheese and L.A.’s new dynamic duo of Dairy Tree Foods and Kite Hill (from Tal Ronnen of Oprah fame). And on occasion from NYC wunderkind Jay Astafa.

BIG brands also entered or expanded their offerings including Follow Your Heart with cheese shreds, Go Veggie with cheese shreds and Daiya with gluten-free pizzas, cream cheeses AND cheese slices.

We’re quite excited by the great many options and explosive growth of this category 🙂

Have you eaten any of these cheeses?

  • Alex Robbins McCoy

    Love love love Daiya cheese. The provolone slices and mozzarella pizza cheese are my favorite!

  • Melissa Grendys

    Treeline hard cheese is amazing!!!

  • Janay Laing

    I used to be on the fence about Daiya but recently discovered that baking a Daiya pizza in a wood-fired oven brings out some amazing mozzarella cheese flavor! I was very impressed. They just need to work on the texture to make it thicker when it melts
    I’ve tried Door 86 and really like the Cheddar and sriracha Cheddar – they taste just like the real thing!
    Thanks for these other recommendations… I’m going to look them up!

  • Anonymous

    Door 86 is THE best of the bunch. Have been trying vegan cheeses for 10 years now. The candied lemon and sriracha versions rock!!