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Vegucated Is Now Available On Netflix DVD & Instant on December 1st!

Now, there’s another fabulous, easily-accessible way to watch and share VegucatedWe’re on Netflix!  A hearty thank you to everyone who put Vegucated in their Netflix queue.  Thanks to you, Netflix listened and bought Vegucated DVDs and streaming rights, and will start shipping Vegucated today!

And in even more awesome news, on December 1st, Netflix will begin offering Vegucated instantly! Thanks to all of you who have helped to spread the word, added Vegucated to your queue, and given the film positive reviews!

Thank you again for your support and we look forward to you being able to share Vegucated on Netflix DVD and instant with your friends and family.  For those of you who are not Netflix subscribers, check out these other great digital options for watching the film.

  • Edfef

    Great movie!!!!!!

  • Consuela

    It would be great to have “Vegucated” as a streaming movie on Netflix.

  • EllenOrchid

    Congratulations. This marvelous documentary says it all – with humor, grace, and truth. And I’m in it! The director hit a home run. Watch it with your kids and parents and grandparents. Don’t eat anything with a face. Those poor animals are tortured to provide “food” that is toxic to humans anyway, causes heart attacks, strokes, weight gain, poisoning by antibiotics and hormones (given to animals to increase the bulk of their saleable flesh). The environment is also scarred and depleted by the energy needed to raise animals for food. This movie is a gift to the world.