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World Premiere Breaks Record

The audience filing in

Our world premiere at the Toronto Independent Film Festival on 9/10/11 went smashingly, thanks to the hundreds of people who came out for our big night and helped us double the record of any film that’s played at the film fest. For director Marisa Miller Wolfson, it was a dream come true after spending years and years on the film, waiting for the day for it to play on the silver screen. You can imagine our delight when we got a standing ovation at the end.

Tesla signs her first film poster

Film stars Dr. Ellen Mausner and Tesla Lobo came up to Canada for the event. Tesla brought her mom and dad, who also appear in the film. We were sad that co-producer Frank Mataska and that film subject Brian Flegel couldn’t join us, but we kept them abreast via texts.

After the screening, the film subjects were joined during the Q&A by producer Demetrius Bagley, director Marisa Miller Wolfson, Doug McNish, one of Toronto’s hottest vegan chefs, registered dietitian/author/film producer Julieanna Hever, Vegan in 30 Days author Sarah Taylor, and vegan Stanley Cup-winning NHL hockey player Mike Zigomanis.

The director with Stanley Cup winner Mike Zigomanis

During the Q&A, Zigomanis, who wore a “This is what a vegan looks like” t-shirt, said that he considers becoming vegan a bigger accomplishment than playing professional hockey.

The Q&A lasted almost until midnight, then we brought the party to the Rivoli, where we spent time with film fans and gobbled down a goodie bag of delectable treats from Sweets from the Earth bakery, which were picky eater Tesla-approved.

We couldn’t be more grateful for our good fortune in having our premiere fall on the Saturday night of the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival, which is the biggest veg festival in North America. It’s really no surprise, given the wonderful vendors and gorgeous harbor front scenery.

Star Ellen enjoying the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair

We owe a huge thank you to theToronto Vegetarian Association for their amazing support in spreading the word and for the opportunity to appear on the local health news show, Wylde on Health, in a special episode on vegan health and nutrition. Channel CP24 has 4.1 viewers, and the segment looped all weekend.

Check out Facebook page for more pics from the premiere.



  • Jerry Cook