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  • “Baconish” author Leinana Two Moons Spills the Beans (and Tempeh Bacon) May 25, 2016 Author Leinanar pix 300 copy

    We've all heard (or uttered) the familiar refrain, "I could never live without bacon!" Enter Baconish, a new cookbook that wows with plant-based bacons such as eggplant bacon, coconut bacon and even mushroom bacon. As I thumbed through it for more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 5/13/16 May 13, 2016 b5e82822dcb068a121555e475ac939ef_original

    Only one campaigns on the radar this week. Hmmm, is this a calm before a lot of campaigns? Make Scrumptious Dairy-Free Cheese with Urban Cheesecraft Kits   Previously This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 5/6/16 Check out the more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 5/6/16 May 6, 2016 64280e8a6dc67db21432b698870d0655_original

    Only a pair of campaigns on the radar this week: Support Doggie Style opening up a vegan hot dog trailer Empower The Vegan Sandwich – The World's First Vegan Social Networking Site   Check out the Webinar - How to more

  • Interview with Jasmin Singer May 2, 2016 Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.21.32 AM

    You think you know a person...especially if you have ever called them your best friend. Well, I didn't know how much I didn't know about Jasmin Singer...until I read her captivating new memoir, Always Too Much and Never Enough. Yes, I was there when more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 4/8/16 April 8, 2016 Screen+Shot+2016-01-06+at+3.31.21+PM

    Two tasty campaigns are on the radar this week: Support the world's first mass produced Edible Cutlery Empower The Honest Stand to create Cheesy Sauces - 100% all natural, dairy-free, non-GMO & certified organic more

  • Vegan Iron Chef All-Stars will livestream here February 24, 2016 VIC header logo

    Vegan Iron Chef All-Stars sponsored by Upton's Naturals and Vegan Mashup. Livestreaming courtesy of Cynthia King Vegan Ballet Slippers. more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 1/14/16 January 15, 2016 12113458_796136497165412_3067109155644684045_o

    Here's the one campaign we've heard about this week: Make it happen for a plant-based diet and lifestyle tv show pilot! Last Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/25/15 WEBINAR How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Project or more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/25/15 December 25, 2015 j9lw2zmslyklyz42ztfc

    The sole project on our radar this week is: Empower Martin to work for animal rights, full-time, all of 2016 Last Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/18/15 WEBINAR How to Successfully Crowdfund Your Next Project or more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/18/15 December 18, 2015 786ebb264fa28ec9c65b4d4682e3c4ad_original

    Only two projects on our radar this week: Bring people closer to elephants through positive and emotive imagery with accessible text Support vegan food for groups and local distribution Last Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/11/15 more

  • This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 12/11/15 December 11, 2015 e49aff7462c90e9f0042fc6156a11d0e_original

    A big set of campaigns from all over this week: Foster education for people to know it's Easy To Be Raw Support self-published book titled Cows Cry Too Get a small family juice bar ready to open Raise funds for rent and plumbing bills of more