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Embracing the New (Products from Expo West)

This month’s challenge is to find and try a new (to you) vegan food, beauty OR even cleaning-related product

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to work at the ginormous industry show Expo West, thanks to Plant-Based Solutions. Natural Products Expo West brings nearly 80,000 people together to preview, launch, sample, photograph, write about and otherwise share new offering for natural foods and other products.

Since Marisa and I attended for a very very special screening of Vegucated, courtesy of So Delicious in 2012, this annual show has grown by nearly 25%. It’s quite clear from attending this year, vendors are far more clued in to what they have that’s vegan since then. HOORAY for progress!

Including Fabanaise, a hip new vegan mayo by Sir Kensington’s, that repurposes an upstate New York hummus maker’s chickpea brine (aka aquafaba) to join the ranks of Just Mayo and all the others.

Speaking of chickpeas, here’s a new snack using them – Chickpeatos. Unseen here are the bags of chickpea crumbs to use for breading and the like, adding protein to the equation.  

Daiya dazzled a great many with their Blue Cheeze, Homestyle Ranch, and Creamy Caesar dressing. This pic guest stars our buddy By Any Greens Necessary. Not shown but perhaps the belle of the ball, vegan-wise, was Gardein’s Breakfast Scramble Pockets which actually uses some Daiya cheese.

Another dazzler in taste AND new packaging was Hillary’s Eat Well. Now offering different flavored bites in bags as well as new salad dressing flavors.

Congrats to Miyoko and her team for winning a coveted NEXTY Award for their quite amazingMiyoko’s Kitchen vegan cultured butter. This awesomeness is NOW in stores across the U.S. and on their website too. This stuff is so good you could eat it by itself – not that you would, um, N E E D to 😉

You may want to keep an eye out for Follow Your Heart‘s gluten-free tortillas and bread loaves. Plus their new Sriracha Veganaise. Of course, they were sharing a couple different ways to use their super-popular Vegan Egg.

One of the new FUN yet healthier cereals from Love Grown.

Here’s Kickstarter champion and Tofuna Fysh founder Xak while he’s working a great many connections on the Expo floor. He makes a Fysh sauce, and Not Tuna Jackfruit Salad, with more items in the works.

Such serendipity to meet the makers of Europe’s most popular vegan chocolate bar – Vego. Stay tuned for these terrific (and HUGE) bars being available on the U.S. market in the coming months!

Was told one of the unofficial trends of this year’s Expo was popcorn. So was quite glad to see vegan caramel corn in three flavors (!!) by Organic Matters.

Cheers to the now decade-old Upton’s Naturals for bringing even more greatness to the market with new flavors of jackfruit, and a new + quite awesome burger. Also cheers to them for being a key part of the new Plant Based Foods Association.

Special announcement time! Please, please join me in wishing our fierce filmmaker Marisa a most fantastic and fabulous birthday, and new decade 🙂

Happy Spring 🙂