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Holiday Gift and Cookie Guide

The holidays are upon us! Your December Vegucated Challenge is to bulk up your holiday wish list or gift list with vegan-/eco-/animal-friendly ideas and to whip up a batch of vegan cookies to share at work, home or at your next holiday cookie swap.

Holiday Wish/Gift List Ideas

Keeki Pure and Simple Spicy Gift Pack features some of the only nail products with an EWG rating of 0 (meaning absolutely non-toxic.)

Beautiful Cats Rolling Pin because, well, cat cookies.

Dinner Winner Tray  gets my picky eater to try new foods and scarf down healthy, non-preferred foods in a race to get to the finish line (and the treat that’s waiting under the surprise cover!)

Rehe Satchel Bag from Matt & Nat is an elegant choice for both men and women.

Bring joy to someone’s belly with an assortment of Miyoko’s Vegan Cheeses or Allison’s Gourmet Salted Confections.

The Good Karma Diet and Living the Farm Sanctuary Life are two standout titles from 2015 that will add more flavor, good karma and, well, life to your life.

If “save money, waste less, eat well” is one of your New Years resolutions, then Mastering the Art of Vegan Cooking is the perfect book for you.

Merry Christmas Squirrels features wild squirrels in tiny, adorable sets in the author/photographer’s own backyard and tells a cozy Christmas tale.

This Vaute Couture sweatshirt supports Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Want to give the gift of a personal shopper’s fashion picks for you or your friend? StitchFix hooks you/them up with a box of fashions that they choose based on your questionnaire in which you can stipulate vegan/cruelty-free. Feels like Christmas every time a box comes to our door.

Passport Wallet by Brave GentleMan. (Have you seen his new storefront in Brooklyn?)

Hats and scarves made from vegan yarn by KnitsbyNat

Anybody who uses Real. Kind. Brown Sugar Scrub and isn’t tempted to sneak a taste in the bath or shower is a stronger woman than I.

Diamondback Bee House helps native bees find shelter and a place to grow.

Vermihut Recycled Plastic Worm Composter is a perfect way to compost indoors with no smell. We are slightly obsessed with the one in our basement.

Donate to A Well-Fed World’s Feeding Families Program in honor of someone and help feed families in Guatemala, India, Ethiopia, and urban areas in the U.S.

Didn’t see anything you fancy? Check out the GirlieGirlArmy Holiday Gift Guide.


Holiday Cookie Inspiration

One of our favorite holiday traditions is attending a friend’s annual vegan holiday cookie swap party. Everybody brings a dozen or so homemade cookies and comes back home with an assortment. It’s not too late to host one–or even a veganleftover cookie swap party the last week of December. Or maybe you whip up a batch to bring to work or to your kid’s classroom holiday party.

Vegan Pumpkin Sugar Cookies; Shortbread Cookies