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Online Videos That Could Save Your Life


Having taken seven years to make one film, I have to admit that I almost spurted my green smoothie everywhere when I read about Dr. Michael Greger‘s ambition to post one video a day about nutrition on his website, One a day? That’s bananas! But so is Dr. Greger because as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, he’s zany enough to take on the factory farming industry every day of his life. I’ve been a fan of his for years. He’s a well-known author, speaker and expert on clinical nutrition, and now he’s bringing his videos straight to the public via the interwebs. And they have answers to so many of your vegan health questions.

What I like best about his M.O. is his entertaining goofiness. For anyone to be taken seriously, I think they have to have a certain amount of goofiness. It offsets the snooze factor that so often prevails when talking about clinical nutrition. Dr. Greger’s videos are funny, quirky, compelling, and informative. He takes what could be super snoozy nutrition studies and makes them suspenseful, fascinating, and applicable to your daily life. For example:

-His Calcium Absorption: Soy Milk vs. Cow Milk video sums up a study concluding that calcium from fortified soy milk is as easily absorbed into the body as calcium from cow’s milk as long as you shake the carton, as the calcium tends to settle on the bottom.

-His Antioxidant Content of 3,129 Foods video sums up a gigantic study comparing every kind of food imaginable and concludes that plant foods have 64 times more antioxidants than meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Animal foods max out at 100 antioxidants, while plant foods can have 289,711. You’ll have to watch the video to see which plant foods come out on top.

-His Vegan Epidemic video summarizes a surprising British study that concluded that the majority of vegans in Britain were vitamin B12 deficient, as in their bodies weren’t functioning optimally, and they had no idea. But don’t go running for the gouda just yet:  the ones who did have adequate B12 levels were taking supplements regularly. Moral of the story: take a reliable source of B12.

– His Anticancer Vegetable video compares veggies and classes of veggies in terms of their ability to slow cancer growth and prevent cancer entirely. The answer may just have you consuming tons of kale or spinach salad with broccoli, beets, and spring onions with garlicky dressing.

This week your challenge is to check out and watch one video. Chances are, you’ll be hooked.

Yes, watching online videos can be good for you. Enjoy!

Happy August,