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Our 4th BIRTHday

Producer D. sneak previewing Vegan Cuts' September Snack BoxTickled to share this sneak preview video with you all of the September Snack Box we co-curated with Vegan CutsOne of many fun moments along our ongoing journey…

THANKS for being here with us as we celebrate our fourth BIRTHday! We world premiered in Toronto four years ago tonight to a record-breaking crowd (twice the record holder!) that scored us our very first award and photo with a major league hottie, er, athlete! And it’s been quite a journey since, believe you me. We’re so very thankful to each and every one of you that’s been a part of it!

What’s YOUR vegan journey been like these last four years? Are you like Tesla with one or more degrees now? 

Or like Brian married (sorry ladies!) with a cute baby?

Maybe you are a family of four or more now like Marisa (with a camera-shy Dad!)? 

Or perhaps you’re working diligently on your art like Ellen is?

Or traveling around enjoying vegan people and events like producers Demetrius and Frank do?

Whatever the case may be, please share your story with us on this Facebook post or our YouTube channel


For our September challenge, we invite you to do one, two or all three of these:

1. Make and post a 1-3 minute video on YouTube reflecting on your vegan journey so far and/or veganism today (maybe in response to our trailer?).

2. Watch a recent vegan(-friendly) movie or TV episode you haven’t seen before. Suggestions below and we’ll keep a running list of more that you all let us know about on our blog.

3. [BONUS] Get someone you know watch one or more vegan tv episodes or movies

Thanks to Chic Vegan for pointing out these seven chilled soups, especially during these still sweltering Summer temperatures around the U.S. For fun, please enjoy these vegan ice cream sandwich recipes we’d love for some of you to make and show us pictures on Twitter or Instagram. 

Cheers to birthdays and NEW ways.

Demetrius for Team Vegucated