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Meet Raw Chef & Cookbook Author, Elizabeth Fraser (from Vegan Mashup, Seasons 1 & 2)

Elizabeth Fraser

Elizabeth Fraser is a raw & living foods enthusiast from Portland, Maine, where she teaches rawlicious & inspiring un-cooking classes in her Girl Gone Raw kitchen. Helping people change their lives one bite at a time is her passion. She is also co-owner of Kids Gone Raw, a raw vegan, organic, dehydrated snack food line, that spreads health & love across the country. She is co-author of Smoothies Gone Raw, with over 100 gorgeous smoothie recipes. Pets, oil painting, preparing fresh & flavorful food, and playing on the coast of Maine are just a few of the things that rawk her world!

What 2014 VegFests or events can people come say hello to you at?
Come visit at the Maine Yoga Fest on July 12-13th! I’ll be there selling refreshing drinks & healthy Kids Gone Raw snacks.

What’s REALLY exciting you in vegandom right NOW?
I am co-founder of a snack food line called Kids Gone Raw and our business is booming, so that’s an exciting thing for me and vegandom. We love seeing people eat our rawsome snacks!

What Spring garden goodie are you anticipating most?
I can’t wait for fresh greens, peas, cucumbers and tomatoes from my own garden!

Where is your favorite vegan dessert from?
I just had a passion fruit gelée from The Gothic in Belfast, Maine and it was to LIVE for! Yummmm!

Would you rather be taken to vegan lunch at a taco OR noodle bar?
TACO BAR – Mexican is my favorite food evah!

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