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Featured Vegucator Linda Middlesworth

Linda introduces Vegucated at the Sacramento premiere

We had heard about Linda Middlesworth long before we met her. She was the vegan activist on fire in Sacramento, and boy did we learn it firsthand when she hosted our Sacramento premiere, packed the house, and hosted another packed community screening this winter. Right now the film is being supplied with French subtitles, thanks to a generous donation from Linda. Here’s her story:

Twenty two years ago, at age 45, Linda read the book The McDougall Program and reversed her cancer, her heart disease, and lost 30 lbs. After that, she read Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation and realized that eating any animal products was inflicting immense pain on animals. Seeing the movie Peaceable Kingdom cemented her knowledge, and she became a vegan dynamo.┬áNow she works on behalf of animals by doing vegan outreach, giving vegan shopping tours at Whole Foods Market, and protesting the inhumane treatment of animals.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Aerobic Instructor and recently became a Certified Nutrition and Cooking Instructor with PCRM. Now as Organizer of Sacramento Vegan Society, she spearheads monthly vegan potlucks and/or talks by esteemed vegan speakers, plus film screenings, dine-outs and picnics.