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REVIEW Fresh n’ Lean meal service


Sometimes you don’t want to cook. Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe it’s not your thing to work in the kitchen.

Well these days, a number of us don’t have to because there are so many meal delivery outfits offering vegan options or are actually all vegan. Recently, we checked out one, Fresh ‘N Lean, at their request.

As the team’s resident foodie, I found the eats quite flavorful. So much so I’m feeling the need to up my spicing game cooking & baking going forward.
These meals and snacks were better than the same ole same ole, with a definite sense of creativity using brassicas in one meal, and another with their own take on curry.

They are definitely healthy plant-based meals, and arguably something one could make themselves. For this avid eater, I’m far more excited to buy things that are beyond what I could (easily) do in my kitchen. So left wondering what can be done with long-distance (and even local) vegan meal deliveries. And I might want my meals to be a bit more naughty nutritionally.

Would LOVE the packaging (and labels) to change. I found them hugely detract from the very tasty work here. The visual in food is even more important in these Instagram and MasterChef days.

All in all, Fresh ‘N Lean makes quite tasty eats, and something I happily encourage those in the market for #vegan meal delivery services to check out.

Bon appetit.