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Selected by Barcelona Enviro Film Fest

Watch out, Barcelona greenies. You’re about to get Vegucated! We’re thrilled that the Spanish premiere of our film will be at the 19th annual Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival running between November 5th and 10th.

Our Spanish subtitles provided by Captions, Inc. will get another workout after being played at the Dominican Republic Environmental Film Festival earlier this month (see producer’s pics).

We’re also honored to be one of only two U.S.-based documentaries of the fifteen international features selected. The other American documentary is Mother: Caring for 7 Billion, directed by Christophe Fauchere.

Barcelona has been on our visiting wish list for years, so we’re hoping to be able to attend this prestigious festival to be held at Barcelona University. If you know of anyone in the neighborhood who might be able to host a producer and/or lend some frequent flier miles–just kidding (sort of)–please let us know!