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Vegucated Challenge Officially Launched

We’ve heard from so many people who decide to take a vegan challenge after seeing our film that we’ve created The Vegucated Challenge, a free support system to help them on their journey.

Using the concept we adopted in 2008 for the now-suspended, 3000-member-strong Vegan at Heart program, subscribers will receive one email a day for 30 days sharing a practical tip, trick, or resource that will help them on their journey. But we’ve added a new twist. Subscribers can choose to:

Go vegan for a month — go cold Tofurky and take the vegan plunge from day one
Go vegan within a month — phase out animal product groups one week at a time so that by the end, you’re vegan

You will also receive our bi-monthly e-newsletter with more tips, tricks, product reviews, and recipe links.

We’ve tested it in Beta mode for a couple of months and are thrilled to be officially launching it.

If you subscribe between Aug. 21st and 31st, you will be entered into a drawing for the bestselling Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook by Lindsay S. Nixon.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!