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This Week in Vegan Crowdfunding 6/10/14

It’s been three years since we ran our own crowdfunding campaign (thank you again!!), and so great to see how much more vegan media exists in the world: news, blogs, musics and movies. Please note this week’s lineup includes THREE more vegan documentaries!


Discerning Brute collaborator Matt Ruscigno requests contributions for his Strongest Hearts Documentary Series on Vegan Athletes

Support tour vegan musicians GO DEEP‘s recovery from a recent robbery

Elevate Drone on the Farm to new heights

Show Heat Sweets some love as they prepare to go the Emmys!

Make Food Choices‘ documentary film happen


Appreciation for YOU sharing this blogpost around, so these projects receive that much more attention and support. Our crowdfunding campaign’s success was crucial to our journey!

Click this link to see last week’s list of campaigns