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We’re a Digital Bestseller

Within a month of being released digitally, Vegucated topped the charts on iTunes and Amazon, becoming a bestseller on both digital platforms!

On January 13th, writer-director Marisa Miller Wolfson was interviewed on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN, and the televised chat between the two vegan ladies inspired hundreds of people to check out the movie.

Within a couple of days after the show aired, Vegucated was the #2 bestselling documentary on Amazon Instant, and the #7 bestselling independent movie and #8 bestselling documentary on iTunes. Now the heat wave has subsided a little, to which the team cannot but give a frowny face, but Vegucated is still in the top 5 documentaries on Amazon Instant and in the top 20 independent films on iTunes.

So, c’mon, everyone, and let’s move the veg revolution forward! Spread the word about how to watch the film digitally, and do leave your reviews on iTunes and Amazon (and not only because we enjoy reading them)!