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You’ve watched the film, and you’re wondering about the how-to’s of going vegetarian or vegan, but you’re more concerned about the who-withs. I mean, what will your friends and family say? Will they support you? Or will they treat you like an alien from the planet Vega and leave you to dine on your space food alone?

This is the part where we want to whip out our lighters, start swaying and singing “You are not alone. I am here with yoooouuu…!”

Even if you’re the only veg/vegan wannabe you know, don’t worry. You have support; you just don’t know it. It’s simply a matter of plugging in.

-Find a vegetarian organization near you. Peruse this list to see if there’s one in your town.

-Join a vegan meetup. Just choose your country and enter your zip code to find one. Did nothing come up? Look for a vegetarian meetup. Still nothing? Start your own meetup group! Read about the perks of joining or starting a vegan meetup written by Vegucated co-producer Demetrius Bagley, head of the 1400+ member-strong NYC Vegan EatUP.

-Attend Vegan Drinks. Look for a chapter near you.

-Check out our Allies, who may be holding events near you. Subscribe to their newsletters to stay in the know.

Not up for entering or creating a new community? Then help the friends and family you already have become more veg-conscious and supportive by hosting a screening of Vegucated either publicly or just in your living room. Following up with some yummy eats is a great way to foster discussion about the film and introduce friends and family to delicious vegan food.


Take the Challenge

So you’ve seen the film, and you’re ready to make changes in your lifestyle. Congrats! You’re here, you’re ready, you rock!


Get Social

This is the part where we want to whip out our lighters, start swaying and singing “You are not alone. I am here with yoooouuu…!”


Host a Screening

Whether you’re interested in organizing a screening for the public, for students in your classroom, or for family and friends in your own living room, we will empower you with resources to make it easy, fun, and fulfilling.


Check Out Our Allies

If it hadn’t been for the generosity of these individuals and organizations, there would be no film.