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  • Day 10: How Are Those Cravings?
  • Daily Nugget: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” — Frank DeVito

    Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto

    Today your mission has nothing to do with eating; it has to do with finding a little inner strength.

    When you feel that cheese craving coming on, get up and go for a walk. When the scent of chicken nuggets wafts through the office, start painting your nails. Nothing kills a good smell like the smell of fresh polish. (Kidding there, but spritzing a little perfume around your cubicle or dabbing some lovely essential oils on your wrists, neck or temples won’t hurt anyone.)

    Caught up in the thought, “but I’ve been so good; I deserve to enjoy myself a little!” Yes, you have and yes, you do. Find something else you enjoy and deserve: calling a friend, reading a good book, going to yoga, meditating, going for a run–whatever it is that feels good and gets your mind to ease up on a craving, do it. And then do it again.

    Maybe it’s a good day to avoid TV; those commercials can be tempting! It’s easier to just not watch them at all.