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  • Day 15: Fake? Who You Callin’ Fake!?!
  • Daily Nugget: When you stop eating meat, you stop eating what the animals eat, which usually involves unnecessary antibiotics and hormones and processed gunk.

    Vegan California Club photo courtesy of Kathy Patasky, Happy Healthy Life blog

    In the Midwest, many vegan menus mention “mock this” and “mock that.”

    Today, let’s just stop thinking of plant-based protein sources as mock anything. Let’s think of them as their own food entirely, so seitan, for example, is not fake steak. Yeah, yeah, it’s a plant-based alternative, but it’s not a fake version of it. Seitan is made of wheat gluten. Do we call gluten-free bread that’s not made of wheat “fake”? No. So why would we do the same to seitan, a wheat meat?”

    Think of it this way: considering all the hormones and junk pumped into animals before they are turned into meat, those “fake” products are more “real” than most meat you’ll ever eat. And they are lower in fat and, of course, cholesterol-free.

    Packing lunch today? How about using those Tofurky slices rather than turkey? Add a little Vegenaise, lettuce and tomato.

    What are you having for dinner tonight? How about whipping up a black bean and quinoa patty? There’s nothing “fake” about this healthy burger. The recipe is right at your fingertips in the recipe section.

    Extra Credit: You’re halfway through your Challenge. Woo-hoo! Post a video or a blog entry about how you’re doing and feeling so far. We’d love to cheer you on.