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  • Day 23: Incredibly Eggless
  • Daily Nugget: Think back to seeing Vegucated. Remember the footage of the hens crammed into barely-breathable spaces? Or the baby male chicks at the hatcheries who were disposable? How could anyone forget these?

    Today, read up on all the ways to avoid using eggs. Whether baking a cake or a four-course dinner, you don’t need eggs in any of your meals.

    The replacements range from fruit to flaxseed, pumpkin puree to baking powder. Here’s PETA’s list of egg replacements, which helps you decide which fits best with your recipes.

    For breakfast, how about a tofu scramble? It’s just about the easiest breakfast–much easier than scrambled eggs. Here’s a quick recipe. For a more involved recipe, check our recipe guide.

    Tofu Scramble:

    Crumble a serving of firm tofu into a bowl and mix in a little bit of turmeric, cinnamon and cumin. Feel free to toss in some tomato paste if that’s your bag. Saute onions and veggies of your choice in a little olive oil. Once tender, toss in the tofu mix. The combination is so delicious. Mash it all together with a fork, saute until lightly browned. Voila! Breakfast! Toss it on a slice of toast, top it with a slice of avocado, serve it with a side of salsa–whatever strikes your fancy.

    Wondering about free-range eggs? Read Questions to Ask “Humane” Farmers for extra credit.