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  • Day 5: Getting Enough Protein? Of Course We Are!
  • Daily Nugget: While you go about your day today, 90,000 cows and calves will be slaughtered, according to the Center for Food Safety.

    Cartoon courtesy of Dan Piraro, BizarroComic.Blogspot.com

    Your mom, your boyfriend, the woman you met five minutes ago in the check-out line, they all have the same question, “Vegan? Oh, how do you possibly get enough protein?!” There’s no getting around this one.

    Today, remind yourself that there is a protein conundrum in this country, but it’s not what you might think: most Westerners get way too much of it. Americans generally get about twice as much protein as we need, which can actually cause kidney and liver problems.

    Don’t stress (over)eating the same amount of protein as you used to; chances are you were going overboard. For more on the protein myth, check out this explanation from nutrition professor/author Dr. Reed Mangels.