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  • Day 10: Cheese. You Really Can Live Without It.
  • Daily Nugget: When women switch to a vegan diet, many say their PMS symptoms decrease or disappear. Experts have yet to pin down the exact reason, but it’s believed to be related to eliminating dairy. For all the gents reading this, now is a good time to encourage your lady to go vegan. No need to tell her why!

    Today’s challenge is to try out a vegan cheese with one of your old favorite dishes.

    Short on time? Whip together a burrito. There’s no cooking necessary if you just toss beans, salsa or guacamole, tomatoes and grated vegan cheese in a burrito or taco shells.

    Have a lot of time? Try making your own from-scratch vegan cheese in this amazing macn cheese recipe from our friend Gretchen Primack, which was inspired by the famous VegNews magazine recipe.

    She entered it in a mac ‘n cheese contest at a local fair and–lo and behold–she won third place! She didn’t let the judges in on her deep, dark vegan secret until after the winners were announced. This recipe is a bit ambitious for week two of your vegan life, so if you’re not feeling it tonight, stock it away for a rainy day. If you’re already a whiz in the kitchen, go for it. We certainly won’t stop you! And do let us know what you think of it.