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  • Day 12: Cows Aren’t the Only Source of Calcium
  • Daily Nugget: Yale University researchers found that osteoporosis is most common in the countries where people consume the most meat, milk and other animal foods.

    While you continue to work on kicking that cheese addiction, let’s move on to another form of dairy: milk. Do the relentless ad campaigns have you convinced that foregoing milk will leave you osteoporosis-ridden and sickly in your sunset years? Well, the ads are doing their job. And spreading all kinds of misinformation. So many other foods and drinks contain calcium and don’t come with the same risks as dairy sources. Scientists have been researching–and noting–the links between cancer and dairy milk for decades, especially the link between dairy and prostate cancer. But these scientists don’t have the same advertising budgets as the dairy industry.

    Today’s challenge: try swapping a non-dairy milk into one of your favorite smoothies or cereals. It might just knock your socks off, it’s that good! Nut milks have a richer texture. Before long–possibly immediately–you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed mucus-inducing dairy milk.

    If you’ve only tried soy milk, try a rice, coconut or nut milk or a different variety. Some people find soy milk more difficult to digest. Take note of how you feel after each one.