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  • Day 22: I’m Coming Out, I Want the World to Know!
  • Daily nugget: How sexy is sneezing and coughing? So not sexy. According to a few studies, reducing dairy, meat, and eggs is tied to alleviation of allergy symptoms. Bring your sexy back!

    Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto

    Reducing your allergies will come in handy as you stand on your chair today and tell the world, “I’m vegan!” Not in the office? Okay, stand up in the train, the bus, the highway median (okay, kidding on that last one) and let the world know you’re vegan. And proud of it!

    It takes some of us months to use the word vegan. For a while you might tell people you’re vegetarian. There’s a connotation with the word vegan that just isn’t fair. But there’s also a mantle of pride to go along with being vegan. At some point, you’ll find yourself using the word every chance you get.

    Today, call your mom. Tell her you’re vegan. Or tell your husband, girlfriend, lifelong best friend–anyone you trust to not be toooo judgemental. Just starting putting it into words. The more you say it, the easier it is to believe. But don’t expect the moon; be prepared for frustrating conversations.

    Remember how much Tesla struggled, feeling as though she was an outsider in her own home? This is, unfortunately, pretty normal, especially at first. Her parents accepted her choices, but they didn’t necessarily understand why she kept going with them even when it was tough. Once they saw the finished film, though, and understood why it was important to her to be veg, they became much more supportive. Try to follow her lead, sticking with the challenge even when the going gets tough, knowing there are brighter days to come.

    For more on the social side of going vegan, check out this post by Wellness Warrior Kris Carr.