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  • Day 24: Vegan on the Town
  • Daily Nugget: Studies show that women who consume high amounts of animal fats are 45 percent more likely to develop gestational diabetes than women who consume other fats.

    Photo courtesy of iStockPhoto

    Now that we’ve got a few of your loved ones in the loop, it’s time to hit the town.

    Today, head to your favorite restaurant. If it happens to serve international fare–say Chinese, Japanese or Mexican–you have nothing to worry about. There should be plenty of options for a vegan. If it’s Italian, there are a few things to look out for: egg in the pasta, cheese in the tomato sauce. If it’s an American pub, check the menu before heading in. Pubs can be the hardest places to find a little vegan grub, though many will have a veggie burger. If your spot happens to be a chain, just peruse PETA’s alphabetical list of “Vegan Fare at Restaurant Chains.

    Waiters and waitresses should be well-versed in ingredients and cooking methods, but if they seem unsure, ask them to verify with the chef.

    In the mood to try a new spot? The VegOutapp, Maps app, Yelpapp, and HappyCow website can all point you in the right direction.

    Enjoy this first vegan outing with someone you know–i.e., not on a first date! Having to double check everything you order takes a little getting used to. But the more we ask, the more accustomed the restaurants become. The more accustomed the restaurants become, the more they’ll accommodate us, and together we further this amazing vegan movement.

    If you can’t think of anyone you’d like to share a vegan dinner with, how about meeting up with a fellow vegan or two?

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