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  • Day 27: Veganize Your Wardrobe
  • Daily Nugget: “I like my money right where I can see it–hanging in my closet.” -Sex and the City

    Tired of hearing about food yet? Me too. How about we take a breather?

    Now that your friends are starting to believe that you’re going vegan, they might jump to the opposite extreme, reminding you every time you break a “vegan rule”.

    Be prepared to hear at least one of the following:

    • “Wait, you can’t wear those boots. They’re leather. Isn’t leather not vegan?”
    • “You can’t wear that wool sweater.”
    • “Silk…that’s not allowed.”

    Today, take a few moments to think about your wardrobe. How much of it is wool, silk, fur or leather? We didn’t really go into clothing in Vegucated, but if you’re interested, feel free to read more about how wool, silk, fur, and leather affect animals and the planet.

    People have differing opinions on what to do with non-vegan clothing. We fall into the camp of “don’t waste stuff if you don’t need to.” We feel it would be completely pointless to throw away your existing items. If you have no desire to keep wearing these products, donate them to a local charity. Do you have a fur coat hanging in the closet that you inherited from Aunt Mae? Consider donating it to the Coats for Cubs program, which gives orphaned wild animals the comfort of sleeping on something that reminds them of their mama’s fur.

    No need to get rid of everyone at once, especially if replacing everything is heavy on your wallet (and the environment). See if you can be comfortable occupying a gray area for a little while. After all, veganism isn’t about personal purity; it’s about making a very real difference in the world.

    From here on, try to be conscious as you’re shopping. These online retailers are a great place to start.