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  • Day 28: Compassionate Body Care
  • Daily Nugget: “What we put on our our skin often ends up inside our body, and so it’s every bit as important as what we eat, drink and breathe when it comes to minimizing exposure to things that aren’t healthy for us.” – Jane Houlihan, Environmental Working Group

    Some of our favorite brands include Aubrey Organics, Alba, EarthScience, and Preserve for razors and toothbrushes make from recycled plastic

    Well, if it’s going to end up in our bodies, wouldn’t it be nice to save a few other bodies…i.e., our animal friends, in the process? We think so!

    Vegan beauty and bath products do not have to break the bank. Tom’s offers so many great toothpastes; there are more vegan cosmetics brands than we can count these days, and they are available right at the drugstore or at Sephora. Urban Decay offers pretty vegan eyeshadows and other cosmetics, for example.

    If you’d like a handy dandy guide to have on the go, download PETA’s Be Nice to Bunnies iPhone and iPad app, which lets you know which companies don’t test on animals and which ones are vegan, noting that many of the companies listed as “not vegan” have vegan products but may not have only vegan products.