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  • Day 5: Protein-packed Casseroles
  • Daily Nugget: According to the New England Journal of Medicine, animal fat is positively linked with colon cancer; vegetable fat is not.

    So many of those poor chickens end up in casseroles. Ah, casseroles, another American pastime and yet another that you won’t be kissing goodbye now that you’re vegan. Wow, so many things are still included in this diet. Isn’t it amazing!?!

    For lunch or dinner tomorrow, take time tonight to whip up one of the protein-packed casseroles listed in the recipe section. These make enough for a small dinner party, so you might want to freeze a few servings.

    And for the other meal of the day, reach for one of those frozen dinners. We all know enough time was spent prepping the casserole! Or perhaps a can of Amy’s soup over a bowl of brown rice? All of the bean-based soups (lentil, white bean, etc.) are packed with protein.

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