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  • Day 6: Leave the Fish in the Sea
  • Daily Nugget: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says fish and shellfish generally contain unsafe levels of contaminants, such as mercury. Mercury has been linked to cardiovascular and central nervous system issues as well as decreased fertility.

    There are so many reasons to not eat fish. Remember Tesla’s conversation with her cousin in the diner? She talks about how much pain fish feel when they are being dragged up to the surface.

    So there’s that. Then there’s the fact that fishing is completely destroying the ocean ecosystem as we continue to dine on the ocean’s creatures. Still not convinced? How about all the toxins you’re consuming when you chow down on tuna and other sea animals?

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine, consuming fish and sea animals is the only way humans are exposed to methylmercury. Pregnant women are advised to limit consumption of several kinds of fish to protect their babies from mercury, PCBs, etc., but why should only unborn babies be protected? Especially when we can get the same benefits of fish oils (brain-enhancing omega-3 fatty acids) from non-polluted, plant-based sources such as ground flax seeds, walnuts, and DHA supplements made from algae, which is where the fish get their own DHA!

    Afraid you’ll miss the briny flavor of seafood ? You can still get it from sea vegetables. Hijiki, arame, wakame, nori, kombu, dulse and others are so good in salads, soups, just about anything. Just like land veggies, sea veggies each have a unique flavor!

    At this point, you might be wondering, “Hey, Vegucators, how come fish have so much mercury, but the sea veggies – which grow in the same water – are safe?” Well, curious Vegucatee, it’s because it’s the fat that holds mercury. Fish have fat; sea vegetables don’t, so the amount of mercury in sea veggies is considered miniscule.

    Oprah is such a fan, she’s featured sea veggies on her blog many, many times. Here a just a few of our favorite posts: Seaweed as Medicine and Four Reasons to Eat Your Ocean Veggies. Looking for a great seafood substitute? How about a little chickpea untuna salad?