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  • Day 8: Saying Goodbye to Milk and Cheese
  • Daily Nugget: Humans are the only species on Earth that drinks milk as adults. And we’re the only mammals crazy enough to drink the milk of another animal at any age.

    Courtesy Danielle Elliot, That Normal Vegan

    It’s time to hit the grocery store again. Today, we’re adding non-dairy milk, yogurt and cheese to your shopping list.

    • soy, coconut milk or almond milk yogurt
    • vegan cheese, such as Daiya (be mindful if a non-dairy cheese lists “casein” as an ingredient; that means it’s not vegan)
    • almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk drink or other non-dairy beverage
    • soy or coconut milk creamer if you’re a coffee or tea drinker

    Try a bunch of brands and flavors, knowing that almond milk or cherry yogurt by one company will taste quite different from almond milk or cherry yogurt by another company.

    Some of these might be tough to find at your basic grocery store. Now would be a good time to check out a local health food store. Health food stores smell nice, and they infuse you with healthy energy. Plus, they often have better discounts on vegan products than regular supermarkets.

    Need help finding one? Pull up the “Maps” tool on a smartphone and search for “health food store.” Of course, you can also do this on Google Maps or go to HappyCow and enter your location. Click “Health Food Stores” once you get to the city page.

    If you’re going for a big chain natural food store, Trader Joes has lower prices than Whole Foods but fewer vegan options. If you want the best prices and a great community to boot, consider joining a co-op. Believe it or not, CostCo even has a huge variety of vegan products.

    While you’re there, don’t forget to restock anything you used up in week one. Preparation is the key to sticking with any goal!

    Fair warning: Tomorrow is all about walking away from cheese, beating your addiction to this American staple. So if you really need pizza, have it for dinner. Then say sayonara!