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  • Day 9: Cheese. Let’s Just Get This Out of the Way Now.
  • Daily Nugget: Eliminating dairy consumption has long been connected with alleviating arthritis symptoms, according to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

    There’s no denying that most people love cheese. And often, it’s the last thing people phase out before they go vegan. But we’re tackling it early because we know it’s addictive, and we want to be there while you beat your addiction. All dairy contains casomorphins, which act like a drug, intending to bond a baby calf to his or her mother, but end up bonding us to the cheese on our nachos. Casomorphins are super concentrated in cheese, hence our instant response, “But I caaan’t liiiive without cheeeese!” Just like other addictive substances, with all that saturated fat and cholesterol, cheese is nothing but detrimental to our health.

    Are you worried you can’t live without it? Well, you don’t have to. There are lots of vegan versions on offer these days that are heart healthier. We put Daiya cheese on your shopping list yesterday because Daiya is the hot cheese on the market right now. People love how it stretches and melts like dairy cheese, and it’s tapioca-based, so it’s soy-free.

    But if you can’t find it or don’t like it, there are plenty of others to try too. In Vegucated, Brian loved Tofutti American slices for sandwiches, but you may prefer something else. Keep trying different ones until you find your favorite and do feel free to check the brand’s website for cooking tips and recipes.

    Today, just go a day without dairy cheese. You can do it. I promise. Sometime this week, how about a veggie burger with Tofutti or Daiya cheese?