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Every week since the film’s release, we’ve gotten emails, comments, posts, tweets, and reviews from people who have changed their lives as a result of seeing the film or who know someone whose life has been changed from seeing the film.

We thought we’d share some of them in the hopes that it will encourage veg-conscious people to share the film with loved ones, colleagues, and their larger communities. Not only will you create more understanding around your plant-based lifestyle; you will likely change someone’s life. Here are just a few ideas of how to share the film with loved ones:

  • Give the DVD as a gift
  • Ask them to watch the film as a birthday present to you
  • Host a screening, complete with vegan eats so people can taste for themselves how delicious plant-based eating can be
  • If you know about a local screening, invite them to it and take them out for a vegan meal beforehand or dessert afterwards
  • Rave about the film on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed, letting people know where they can watch the film digitally (iTunes, Amazon Prime, etc.)

If they do make a change, let us know so we can add their testimonial too. Together, we can change the world one person, one bite, at a time.

Online Testimonials

Five months ago, that’s when I watched your film for the first time and that is how long I have been a vegan. Your film made being a vegan something that was approachable and attainable. I didn’t feel judged, but inspired and prepared to make a dramatic, but very possible change in my life and for my family. I’ve been asked what diet I’m using because I’ve lost 25 lbs and I simply say that it’s not a diet, but a change in lifestyle. Five months ago your film created a turning point in my life and I will forever be thankful. I feel amazing, my husband feels amazing and I love to cook again. I wish I had the words to express my gratitude in its entirety. I’ll simply say, thank you. 🙂 – Jessica

Five months vegan now thanks to your film. Besides actually feeling good about myself and my choices I have also lost 30 lbs and 20 points off my blood pressure. I’m pretty sure I used to have nacho cheese running through my veins. I feel great and strongly believe this was the best thing I have ever done for myself, and for my family. Thanks again! – Jared

My husband turned this movie on the other day and I kind of rolled my eyes. We watch different stuff, but hadn’t seen Vegucated yet. I was no where near prepared for what I was about to see. The movie was amazing. And life changing. Ive heard things about animals but have never seen the treatment they get becoming our food (pretty sure my head has always been in the sand about it). Needless to say, it affected me deeply. Those images brought tears to my eyes and I knew I would never be the same. I haven’t eaten any meat or animal products since and we’re moving the whole family over to becoming at least vegetarian. I cant thank you enough for the film and for opening my eyes to the fact that ‘normal people’s can do it too. – Dandi

I have been a vegetarian for 25 years. I ignorantly thought since I wasn’t eating animals i was doing ok. I watched your film and it was very eye opening. Thank you for making it and I am now a vegan. I can’t participate in that animal cruelty anymore. – Shelly

Excellent film! Watched it a few months ago.Loved it-will be sharing it with others.I have always been mostly vegetarian by choice but the film is helping me make my move to be completely vegan. Thank you! – Elizabeth

Watched your movie last night on Amazon, it was really good. I am a vegetarian & have been playing with the idea of becoming a vegan for about a year now. Thanks for the push! – Carrie

Just watched Vegucated with my husband and two kids – we have always been vegetarian but are now heavily leaning towards a vegan diet. – Molly

Just watched the film on Amazon. I am a vegetarian that is now working toward vegan. Thank you for a thought provoking and entertaining film. – Greg

I am recovering vegan who had been mostly vegan for several years and went back to a meat & dairy diet recently. Vegucated inspired me to return to a vegan diet. – James

I really liked this documentary. It’s an eye opener. I was already well aware of the violence animals have to go through for the food we eat but I had changed slightly into the vegan life without feeling a thing. I love soy milk and I love soyrizo for breakfast. I will challenge myself to be more vegan or try to live a more vegan life. This film is very inspiring. – Abzdchef

started a vegetarian diet today after watching Vegucated last night (wow). – dustin

After watching Vegucated (at the NYC premiere), I became a veg and have stuck with it and don’t plan on going back 🙂 – Julie

Your documentary changed my entire life ! My husband has been a vegetarian for the last three years and I never had a interest in that lifestyle at all …. I was actually eating a ham and cheese sandwhich when I started watching Vegucated ….. After 20 mins I put it down and went mostly vegan at that very moment. I’ve been meat free since feb 16th, 2012, so in my case it was your amazing documentary and finally opened my eyes to the benefits of being meat free ! 🙂 THANK YOU! – Karen

I have been a vegetarian for about four years, but after seeing Vegucated, I am trying to be vegan/raw. – Sonja

i actually credit your movie Vegucated for my whole immediate family going vegan – can’t thank you enough! – Laurie

Vegucated is working! one of my vegetarian friends at work is now 1 day vegan after watching it, and another co-worker has taken it home to watch! YAY! – Jenn

great movie & tipping point 4 hubs. He’s going over to the veggie side. I’ll have to update my post on living with meat-eater. – @MsVeggieSide

As a meat eating person, I was always somewhat ignorant to the way animals were treated. My wife and I have many friends who are vegetarians and a few vegans…..last night we watched Vegucated and I was horrified! Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. We will live long, healthy and happy lives….as vegetarians! How could we ever eat meat again? – Margaret

I saw Vegucated & I’m now meat free and working on the dairy… great movie! – Pippa

My fiance Katharyn and I both watched the film last night and were very impressed by it. We are currently vegetarians and immediately after watching Vegucated we discussed how we could transition to a more vegan diet. So thanks for taking to time to address important issues like animal cruelty and the environment by showing people how they can improve their own lives and the lives of others at the same time. – Andy

My partner Ruthie and I watched the film last night and realized that we were rationalizing and ignoring what really goes into producing meat as a food source. We are and were informed and have gone periods of being vegetarian. Your film made us realize we need to go all the way and make the change! Thanks and hopefully we can get involved and spread the word. – Danny

Kickstarted my butt for 2012! Just finished watching. Cried a lot but LOVED it! Way to go Marisa & crew. Want to now take my “mostly vegan” self, all the way 🙂 Congrats, so well done! – Kristine

Madison and I are embracing a vegetarian diet. Thanks for vegucating us during your visit to Evansville. Happy New Year! – Jacki

Congratulations for Vegucated, such an awesome movie. I’m vegan since so many years and I loved the way you choose to talk about veganism. Very intelligent. I watched it with two non vegans and now they don’t stop talk about it, and vegetables You can be proud of you ! – Elise

“I just watched it streaming online from my laptop. I cannot believe how much this film has impacted me. I just knew something wasn’t right with our food system and I just can’t imagine NOT being vegan after watching this. I’d like to share this movie with those who just don’t understand or believe living without meat is a possible choice. It is an education worth sharing. Thank you so much for creating such an awesome film!” – Tuendi

I’m only halfway through my Vegucated DVD and it’s convinced me to go 100% vegan. -@peachkeeper

“ever since going vegan I’ve been trying to educate my family as much as I can, using both the health angle as well as animals.. well I took my mom with me to the Vegucated premiere in Columbus, and the animal footage in it, small as it was, was enough to be the final straw, she cried, she was angry, and she finally made the connection.. she plans to be completely vegan by the new year, so happy and proud of her :)” – Adam

“Thank you so much for such an amazing movie! Just finished watching it and really enjoyed it! I’m already a vegetarian / mostly vegan, but your movie gave me the final nudge! Now to work on my kiddos diets… 🙂 thanks again!” – Kelly

“A friend at work has been vegetarian for 25 years. However, he’s still very overweight and unhealthy. He sent an e-mail this morning saying he’s gone vegan and asked for help with recipes. I asked him what made him go vegan after all those years, and here was his reply:

‘Well, like I said, we haven’t eaten meat or chicken or turkey in 25 years. Then I downloaded a movie for my last flight. It is called Vegucated. That did it.'” – Sarah

“My husband has seen many movies with me on becoming vegan, the health benefits of vegan diets, the meat industry, etc. yet still couldn’t picture himself not eating dairy or meat.  After watching this movie he is now on board with me on eating a vegan diet and is doing awesome!! Thank you so much. You put a different spin on this documentary that I haven’t seen yet, besides Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” – Mel

Watched the documentary Vegucated tonight at Whole Foods. I’m making the switch from vegetarian to vegan. – Melissa

I was completely engaged throughout this film, and so appreciated (and needed) the laughter in it.  I averted my eyes as much as possible for the parts that were upsetting.  They had to be there, but I already knew much of the information, and had been trying for some time now not to think about the truth behind humankind’s use of animals.  I left the movie with a sort of sinking feeling in my heart.  There is no hiding any more.  I’ve been vegetarian for about 45 years (I’m 65), have almost totally cut out cheese and eggs, but love my organic yogurt with berries for breakfast, and I am totally hooked on drinking lattes (mostly organic milk). This morning, I could not make my latte, and I cooked buckwheat to go with my berries (delicious!).  I went to the store and bought almond milk and am drinking my latte, but no, it is not delicious.  My other quandary is my beloved dog’s diet. That’s where I stand now.  Thank you for making a brilliantly powerful film. – Carol

Husband and I downloaded the movie this past week. I have been vegan but had recently started adding dairy back into my diet. After watching, laughing, and crying through this remarkable film, I was reminded why I became vegan in the first place. I am now back to the basics of veganism, back to srutinizing my foods, and rethinking (every day) how to be a better vegan. I have since bought the DVD with plans to share with my sister and anyone else who will watch. I think this video is a great answer to the question “Why vegan?”. Thanks you for all your hard work putting this film together. Films like this are what change a society, one person at a time. – Sherrie

My family and I just watched your film. We have been Vegan for almost 2 years and loved your movie!! Learned more new things and my husband who was leaning to more veganish is now a renewed determined Vegan!! Just an aside I have lost 60 lbs and am off all my diabetic meds since embracing the vegan diet. -Brenda

“I have been a vegetarian since I was 9 and I saw the chicken truck on the highway, been veggie for 19 years. Saw the film last week, now its hard to imagine eating eggs or dairy again. Thanks for the eye opener. Vegan it is.” – Lili

I watched the movie last night. I’ll probably watch it again today! I followed a vegan diet several years ago, but my doctor called me a junk food vegan. I recently started purchasing free range chicken, but the part in the movie about what some farms call “organic” and “humane” opened my eyes. I am going back to a vegan diet immediately. – Michelle

It’s shocking how bad animals are treated and killed for consumption. I appreciate this documentary and others for informing us on theses horrors. I like how the documentarian showed how simple the transition to vegetarianism can be accomplished. It seemed so complex before I watched the documentary. Now I want to become vegetarian for my health, and to take a stand for those poor animals. It may not stop the animal abuses but I will know I no longer financially support such cruelty to animals. – mandy

Amazing! Went with my wife! A real eye-opener! Vegan since yesterday – Fernando

“Being a vegetarian for over 15 years, I was completely shocked about how animals are raised and slaughtered. Not been able to sleep for quite some time, I vowed to also stay away from other animal products, like eggs and the occasional fish. I wish this movie would be played in official places, malls etc. to make people aware – I was not aware just how brutal “so called people” are handling our animals.” –Lookyloose

Loved the film. Saw it on iTunes over the holidays. Been vegan ever since. – Chelsea

I don’t have any fur, but love this idea! “Vegucated” was a very powerful movie. After more than 40 years as a vegetarian, I am now vegan. Giving up meat was easy. Giving up dairy has been much more difficult, but the images from the movie are so strong, there is no going back. -Carol

Just watched your movie. So inspiring, starting my plant based diet this week! I have a great friend who has been encouraging me to become a vegan for about a year now. Your movie and her support will help me change my life. –
Thank you,

Hey there! I just want to take a minute to thank you for your involvement with Vegucated. It is the film that has most significantly influenced my lifestyle. I have been a flaky, on-and-off vegetarian/vegan for about seven years, always starting out with good intentions but eventually falling off the wagon. Then I hear about Vegucated and decided to explore….wow. It was insane to finally see a realistic, logical view of veganism from all standpoints, be they animal rights, environmentalism, or health. I especially related to Tesla’s story; for me, the social struggles often outweighed the physical and moral benefits of being veg. Another thing I really appreciate about the film is the side-by-side depiction of factory animals and happy sanctuary animals. As sad as other videos are when they only show livestock imagery, I have found that it makes it more difficult to associate these animals with common house pets. I also like that the film showed how disgusting and cruel “free range” and “cage-free” farms are because that is one way I always justified eating meat/animal products while off the wagon.

Overall, Vegucated is the one and only film that has truly captured my heart and inspired a PERMANENT change in me. I am now working for my college’s animal rights coalition, where I have found so many new friends to support me.

Thank you for everything. I hope you know how truly grateful I will forever be. -Katie

I adore you guys for all that you do and for the impact you have had on me and my family. We are forever changed – many of my family – SIX people so far – have become vegans after watching Vegucated! It has been such an honor to support your work. THANK YOU all to pieces! xo Mel

BTW, I had about 8-9 folks over last Friday night and those who were on the fence re animal products are now converted! Yay! https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/images/blank.gifIt was a yummy and educational evening. – Monique

My dad just told me that he hasn’t eaten meat since seeing Vegucated last Wednesday and that he’s changed his diet 80%! Not bad for an 81 yr old. Guess you can teach an old(ish) dog new tricks. – Debbie

I just saw this doc a week and half ago. my husband has been mostly vegan for three years in June, and I’ve seen Food Inc, and Earthlings, and NOTHING got to me like this documentary, after I was done watching it, I made the CHOICE and decision not to be part of the animal violence anymore. I just wanted to thank you for putting this amazing doc out into the world and that I’ve also recruited two of my dear friends who are also 100% vegan. – Karen

Enjoyed getting Vegucated tonight! Been vegetarian for 3 years but now I think its time to go vegan! -Shannon

Saw it last night. Today is Day 1. – Tess

Your movie changed me. Thank you! – Gene

I changed my life. I am VEG NOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WAKING ME UP!!! You are doing great things for everyone, all living things. – Ally Jo

This movie just made another vegan! My coworker now wants to be vegan. Thanks Marisa for veganizing the planet!!!!! – Shannon

I am on my 6th day of being a vegetarian! Jennifer and I were talking about it last night, and I realized that never in my life have I gone 6 days without eating meat. Crazy! Also, you will be happy to know that Jennifer’s parents have been vegetarian since seeing Vegucated with us last Friday night, and several of our friends are joining us in the spirit of the challenge! Most importantly, my energy level has already skyrocketed, I’m bouncing off the walls all day long, I’m experiencing better brain function and concentration, no after-lunch sluggishness, and although I haven’t weighed myself I feel like I’ve lost 5 pounds already. Soooo…we can probably draw a direct correlation between my new veggie life and being able to secure office space in the near future because I’m so much more productive! Hah. I’ll keep you updated at the next milestone, maybe a month. – chad

I watched the Documentary today. I’ve been a Pescatarian for some time….going VEGAN now. Thank you! Wonderful film ? – Sherri

My boyfriend, a vegetarian of I guess about 8 or 9 years — who eats vegan at home since that what I cook and all, but an egg-and-cheese omlet lover out of the house — has decided to become vegan! Just this week! […]It was a combo of watching Vegucated (!!!) and also the VegNews Man Issue. He had become pretty disconnected from how shitty the dairy and egg industry are. Even though I’m vegan, the two of us don’t sit around and talk about animal rights stuff very much… hell, the earliest we see each other is 11pm, on a good night… so your film specifically really brought that to light. Also, he’s a stand-up comic and produces comedy shows for his fulltime job, so he loved the humor and the comedian in the film. https://s-static.ak.facebook.com/images/blank.gifI just wanted to thank you personally, and on behalf of him. – Jaime

Also, I just wanted to tell you that we watched Vegucated at our house on Friday with a few  friends — two of them left as complete converts and are now trying to go vegan.  We ended up meeting them for brunch at Real Food Daily on Sunday. – Caitlin

This little guy, Dagan, went vegan after seeing Vegucated with his mom at the Albuquerque premier in January, fast forward a few months and he is a full blown, 9 year old activist and advocate for all beings~~ – Tamara

Fantastic evening with a group of meat eaters who came over to watch Vegucated and eat a vegan dinner, and who now say they are inspired to try vegan. Thank you Marisa Miller Wolfson for making this film and inspiring fun dinner parties! – Debbie

Haven’t eaten meat for 25 years. I did continue to eat fish. Dr. Fuhrman’s Q&A showed me why I can & should now quit fish. – JD

I changed my life. I am VEG NOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WAKING ME UP!!! You are doing great things for everyone, all living things. – Ally-Jo

I adored this film, it changed my life! I started my new life as a vegan the day after I saw it. Thank you – Keegan

Thank you! Been trying 2 get my husband 2 see the horrors of how animals are treated. I’ll be a vegetarian! – Lisa, Atlanta

“Wow…I believe my life has been transformed. My entire way of thinking about the food I put in my body has changed. I can no longer sit back and ignore the inhumane treatment of animals that are born into this world for the purpose of being raised, slaughtered, and sold as food for human consumption. The reality of Corporate Farming & Slaughter Factories (aka: Warehouses of Death) is too much for me to endure. Up until now, 49 years old, I’ve been a meat eater. After viewing this film, and all the torture and sadistic abuse animals must endure in the Corporate Death Factories, I am ready to convert to a 100% Vegan Lifestyle. I’m 6’2″ and 350 pounds, 150 pounds overweight. I contribute all of my obesity to an extremely unhealthy animal-based way of eating. Everything from: Ice cream, fried Chicken, fried Fish, burgers, to high-fat dairy products. Along with a sedentary lifestyle, and smoking, I believe I am in a very High-Risk Category for a Massive Heart-Attack or Stroke. Vegucated has opened my eyes to what I now believe is a healthier lifestyle and a better way of living. We can’t change the world in a day, but believe that the more people who see this film, the more people’s eyes and hearts will open to an alternative way of thinking about their food choices, about the environment, and and about developing a more humane attitude toward their views of the inhume treatment of farm animals. I want to thank the Makers of this film and all who contributed to this project. I believe that the more people who see this, the more people will desire to transform their lifestyles and the way they think about the food they consume. Thank you So Much!” – Veganvape, Milwaukee

Just watched Vegucated on Amazon. Wow. first, of all, I am so proud of you… a very well done documentary. Second, I wish I could erase some of the images that slipped through my fingers as I watched cringing. The movie inspired me to try and live differently. Can’t say I can become Vegan overnight, but I am going to make an honest effort to really eat more veggies, less meat, and try and be more conscious of what I am putting in my body. It was so funny to see you on TV! And making some of those funny faces that I would so normally be entertained by 🙂 Let me know if you have any tips on BEGINNING the process of eating more conscientiously… Chris

Wow! I have to say this is an amazing documentary. I’ve been pescatarian for only a few months and after watching this educational film, I’m going VEGAN!- LaTasha

Funny. Profound. Educational. Life-changing. I wish everyone in America could see this. I have been inspired to try a Vegan lifestyle! Thank you. – SenseiMom

Kudos for the film maker for making veganism so accessible to ‘beginners’ on the topic. I have read many books and watched many movies after giving up meat at 25 following a slaughter house clip that landed in my inbox. However this is certainly one of the best and even the already converted will enjoy it and learn new things. As for me I am definitely planning on going from almost vegan to all vegan! – N. Markova

Loved it! I was already eating vegetarian but still consuming fish. All the documentaries I had seen in the past focused on slaughterhouses and egg production but brushed by the fish issue. Enjoying a vegan dinner tonight and every night for the future. :] – Lauren

Just seen “Vegucated” on my Kindle the other day… I had been a part-time vegetarian, but this movie made it apparent that I am now a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. Keep up the Good Work! – Pamela

Thanks for such an informed film – am a pescetarian by default ( husband and son chose to go vego) and was traumatized to see how the animals were treated in the slaughter houses.. Having said I will still eat meat if I feel like it – I will now NEVER eat meat again.. Fish will go soon too I suspect. Thanks for spreading the message 🙂 – Jude

Sister watched @vegucated & decided instantly to become vegan!

After watching Vegucated we have now 2 vegetarians in the house – Margreet

Just watched the movie for the first time..I will be going Vegan for life now!!!! – Shawn

watched film, opened my eyes to cruel farmers. can’t say what I want in 130 characters. I’m going vegan now. – daryl

I have been a vegetarian/mostly vegan for over 20 years… I had been slipping back into unhealthy eating choices, this film help me to rediscover my passion of being a vegan full time!! – kevin

My wife and I went from mostly vegetarian to total vegetarian, mostly vegan after watching your film. – Jack

My diet exists of protein shakes and organic meats/veg. Today I start asking them real questions! – Mandy

Great video. Good information and it definitely motivated me to continue my shift to a vegetarian and/or vegan life style. – Angela

Just saw @vegucated by @marisamillerw at Chapter Cardiff. Brilliant and brutal. Never want to drink milk again. – Jen

Me and my daughter saw ‘Vegucated’ last night Cardiff-Chapter’s. Fab movie ? My 17yr old says to me after the movie. We just have to go Vegan Mum. I replied ‘YEP makes total head/heart sense ? – Tracie

This film has really changed my life. For the first time I can see that – meat is cultural, and not a necessity. – Rae

I just watched this film last night, and wow!!! What an IMPACT! I am going to begin changing over to a vegetarian, and perhaps full vegan lifestyle. Keep up the amazing work you are doing. – Korrie

I bought 3 lbs of lean ground beef yesterday to grill today. I’m going back today for Bocca Burgers. I’ve watched things like this before but NOTHING has ever moved me quite like this film… – Donna

Thank you for producing such a profound piece of art. My prayer and goal is to inform people whenever the occasion arises. I send you love and gratitude; for I have been a vegetarian for several years but as of today, I am now vegan……easily. This is what I needed to do this fully. – Crisy

Just watched the film for the first time. I cannot wait to show this to my friends and family. Been thinking of going vegan after being vegetarian for almost two years. This has definitely giving me a great push to continue and go vegan. Thanks. – Emily Lynn

Just got an email from a friend from college who just switched from vegetarian to vegan after watching the film a few days ago. Woo!! – Brian

Was once a vegetarian contemplating and debating veganism, but the film was so compelling that I’m now vegan and have never looked back. Lots of positive vegan influence over the last four years but that documentary was what made my decision so easy. – Becky

Don’t have Netflix but I have already seen Vegucated. Watched it with my fiancé a little over a month ago and we’ve been vegan ever since, vegetarian before that. – Janelle

My hubby and I have been Vegan for a month now, since seeing Vegucated on Amazon. Thanks for a life-changing film. I’ve never felt so good in my life! – Shane

This movie has made an enormous impact on me. I am just starting my life as a vegetarian (about one month), and now my convictions are stronger than ever. I would have never considered vegan previously, but now I’m thinking that I might just give Silk another try… I have been amazed at just how easy it has been to avoid all meat. If you are on the edge of changing your life, this movie will push you over. Thanks Marisa. – Purr (via Amazon.com)

My former bestest friend who was weirded out by me going totally vegan just texted me to say that she loved Vegucated (no idea how she got her hands on it) and that she and her bf now are vegan!!!! I almost cried. This is a HUGE compliment coming from her!!! – M

P.S. half of my extended family went vegan after seeing Vegucated. You’re working miracles! – Beth

I’ am seriously touched by these creature’s and will make a conscious effort to give up meat and dairy products, for I know the pain and sorrow that has come with it’s making. – Ernie

Loved it and highly recommend it. Am now more Vegucated than I was before and am preparing for a Vegan lifestyle. – Colleen

I enjoyed the format of the film and the reality of the folks trying out the lifestyle for a few weeks. For myself, I was really affected by the few minutes of horrific scenes of the factory farms. I’ve watched Forks and Knives, and Food Inc. and wasn’t affected much by either other than a sense of anger, but Vegucated for some reason, timing I believe, affected me enough to say “O.k. I’m done with meat.”

I was already doing a diet using the My Fitness Pal app and then I watched this film and it made me take my food in a whole different direction. It’s now been almost 2 months I believe since I’ve really purposely eaten meat. As for the diary products I’m using Vegan items as much as possible but as you know it is hard to get away from all the dairy products out there and still eat something other than salad. So I am 99.9% vegetarian and 90% vegan now. The big thing is that I am not having issues missing any meat whatsoever, hence what I mean by it just being the right time in my life apparently.

I now think about my shoes, clothing, etc. as well. I was already aware of the human toll that our desire for everything cheap in this country has brought about, and now I’m just as concerned about us building our society on the blood of animals as well.

I enjoyed the documentary. I love the genre of film and was inspired by the content. I recommend it to anyone. I have always eaten meat and have never questioned any thing about it. So when I began to ask questions and seek answers, then I was confronted with a choice to act or ignore. We shall see how these 6 weeks go…and what life changes are made as a result. – Jason, taking a 6-week vegan challenge after seeing the film.

I just saw “Vegucated” and it was amazing! As of today, I am declaring myself 100% vegan. The education I received from this film has enlightened me more than I thought possible. An excellent movie to watch after “Forks Over Knives.” It beautifully closes the loop where FOK leaves off, which goes into great detail on the benefits of a plant-based diet. “Vegucated” exposes the dangers of continued consumption of animal products, the horrific abuse animals endure and the grave environmental impact factory farming has on our environment. I congratulate the film maker. Glorious achievement! – Montse

I have been trying to go vegetarian for a few weeks now and am still trying to educate myself. I read a few books, including Skinny Bitch and Eat to Live (both AMAZING) which focused on the positive effects a plant based diet will have on your body, which was almost enough to convince me. It has still been hard to not eat meat at least once a week though. However, after watching this film, it was the cherry on top to convince me to go Vegan 100%.

Reading about factory farming practices versus watching video clips of the suffering animals made a HUGE difference to me. I was glad the film included these because I really only read about the scientific health benefits and the environmental benefits of going vegan. Now that I also have an ethical benefit by not eating meat, I am certain I will be able to stick to this lifestyle for LIFE. – Ramsay

We saw your movie together and went from vegetarian to vegan that night. The plant based wedding is 9/29 🙂 – Steve

My favorite line in this film, and something that I will remember for as long as I live, is “Veganism is about reducing suffering. It’s not about being perfect.” I showed this film to my hardcore meat-eating friend and it really helped him start his journey of becoming vegetarian. – L

UGH. Just watched this movie. I can no longer eat meat …. I was vegetarian and vegan for a while but just got lazy. I will keep this movie handy when I start to forget. – Colleen

Thank you for making this film. I have been a raw foodist, vegetarian and vegan at different times throughout my life. Have been trying to get back there. Watching your documentary gave me the push I needed! =) – Angela

Loved this film. Forks Over Knives made me vegan and I showed your film to my wife and son and now they’re both vegetarians. Thanks. – Adam

I made myself (organic) eggs with cheese today, but couldn’t eat it. Instead, I called Trader Joes to ask what happens to male chicks in their operations. . . didn’t get much of an answer. Everyone should watch your movie, and Food Inc. They go well together – Food Inc says “get away from factory farming” and yours says “stop eating animals.” For the first time in my life, I think I am going vegan. – Azzia

Your film touched hearts tonight. After the film, two mostly vegan, three vegetarians and one omnivore (!) are going 100% vegan, and another of the omnis said she had her last piece of meat today. – Melanie

I stopped eating meat and chicken Jan. 1st 2012. Just watched this movie with some meat eaters and they want to make the switch. Better planet, better you. – Dan

My aunt watched your movie and called to tell me she’s going vegetarian. Awesome! – Katrina

We’ve been on the journey toward a plant based diet for awhile. After watching your movie last night…it sealed the deal for us. Thank you. – Stephanie

After watching this and seeing (what I could stand to watch) I am now almost a complete vegetarian [….] Watch and share this video with those you love. It can save your life and theirs! – Reina

I was contemplating veganism for various reasons – ethical, moral, health, environment. This movie along with extensive research helped me to finalize my decision and I’m trying to be a vegan now. Of course, I didn’t throw away my leather shoes or purse but at least I changed my diet and not buying any more of apparel, shoes or accessories made of animals. – Jessi

I discovered Vegucated in June 2012. I have been a “vegetarian” for a year and happy to say that I am now Vegucated and Vegan! I am also happy to say that this knowledge has changed the way my 3 children and husband eat, and even going as far as going back to school and studying organic veggies and fruit! – Amanda

Food Inc. and Fork Over Knives made me aware…Vegucated moved me to action. The day after watching it I became vegetarian. It is a very approachable documentary; not preachy or ‘I’ll go PETA on your ( ; )’-

I loved this movie! Just when I thought there weren’t any great documentaries out, I stumbled across this. It was actually helped my husband finally be convinced to go vegan! I felt that they handled these tough topics really delicately, humorously but with the truth that we need to see about where our food comes from. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about where their food is coming from or to get an idea on what it is to eat a plant based diet. I was immediately lured in with the humor and kidding about vegans being weirdos…cause well…we were kinda all taught that they were. A must see! – anonymous reviewer on Netflix

I watched Vegucated two days ago and am on day two of my new vegetarian lifestyle. (I’ll be fully vegan at the end of the week.) I am a changed person. I can’t thank you enough for making this film. – Ashlet

4 Days off meat and feeling great + Watching Vegucated and ForksoverKnives = This Texan possibly going Vegan… – Chris

I’m vegan one month now because of Vegucated. Changed my life 🙂 – Shawn

I just watched your movie, and I thought it was awesome! I am a vegetarian, but after seeing your film I’m vegan. Thank you for making a semi-light hearted, yet serious documentary about animals and veganism! – Rebecca

I loved your movie! I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and became vegan after I saw your movie. The scene of that poor newborn calf being dragged through mud and cow poop while the mother cow chased her newborn did it for me. 100% vegan for me and going strong for over a month now. Thank you for your awesome movie. Oh, I lost 23 pounds effortlessly in one month since cutting out eggs and cheese. Oh yeah baby! – Montse

Surfing online, it caught my eye and made me curious. Because of this film, I’m vegetarian again and slowly going vegan =D. – Katie

Halfway through watching Vegucated 6 weeks ago, at 3 am, I became vegan… with no advanced preparation. Never looked back. – Shawn

I switched from vegetarian to vegan immediately after seeing Vegucated. Clean and clear conscience and gorgeous, blissful sleep ever since. There was no other choice. 4 weeks today! – Andrea

My fiance an I had been vegetarian for about a month because we just didn’t like the way eating meat made us feel. Then we watched Forks Over Knives and Vegucated in the same night, haven’t touched an animal product since! – Jes

Just watched your movie. Great info and I wish everyone would watch it at least once. I have been vegetarian for just over 4 years and want to try to start working my way toward being vegan. – Angie